Beyond Literacy Radio is a thought experiment. Based on Beyond Literacy, the “book-like-thing” published in 2012, Beyond Literacy Radio continues that dialogue and discussion in a new medium.

Beyond Literacy Radio explores the possibility of a post-literate future where reading and writing (visible language) have been replaced or displaced by something more profound and advantageous.  The end of literacy is envisioned as something to be welcomed not feared.

Needless to say, not everyone is happy about this. You are invited to listen, comment, and contribute to the dialogue in whatever way you wish.

Beyond Literacy Radio will be featuring the work of the students in the University of Guelph First Year Seminar entitled Beyond Literacy: Exploring a Post-Literate Future (UNIV1200 Section 7) during the Fall of 2014. As part of an expanded focus, BLR will feature video posts (Ignite talks) as well as podcasts created in conjunction with CFRU (93.3FM) the Guelph community radio station.

Beyond Literacy Radio was originally written, created, produced, and curated by the graduate students in the course INF2301: Special Topics in Information Studies: Beyond Literacy: Exploring a Post-Literate Future at the iSchool, University of Toronto during the Fall of 2013. They posted Episodes 0-9.

Beyond Literacy Radio TeamEmily Bingham, Kelly Carmichael, Emma Cooper, Amanda Di Vito, Portia Dodds,
Emily Ekstrand-Brummer, Lauren Kilgour, Jessica Knoll, Brad McIIwain,
Ashley Robbins, Shadi Shahkhalili, and Melissa Wawarzkiewicz.

The instructor is Michael Ridley and the radio producer is Kelly Jones.

 MRKelly and June

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