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Thursday September 4, 2014

Wow. The last update here was almost a year ago. A bit of a slacker eh? Beyond Literacy Radio has been quiet but that will be changing later this year. I’m teaching the Beyond Literacy course at the University of Guelph again this semester and as part of that students will be creating podcasts and video Ignite talks –  both of which will be posted to BLR. So, stay tuned.


Tuesday September 24, 2013

In putting together the podcasts for Beyond Literacy Radio we were looking for some sort of audio signature or theme music to introduce the segments and to link together the separate episodes.

So the question arose: what does post-literacy sound like?


There some interesting work taking bio-feeds (heart beats, EEG data, even neuron activity) and transforming it into sound and scoring it into music. Interesting. But not what we were looking for.

And then I remembered a presentation Katie Legere (Queen’s University) had given to a library conference (Code4LibNorth) some months ago. It was all about sonification and it was all created using data from Library.

I was delighted when Katie agreed to contribute some of her work. We are still editing it for use. The data streams to create the music are from the Queen’s Library’s room booking system, its reference statistics, and data from its computer log files.

I’m not sure if this is the sound of post-literacy but it is beautiful and intriguing. Enough for me. Many thanks to Katie.


Monday September 23, 2013

The Beyond Literacy Radio site was opened up for access today. While no episodes are yet available, there is information posted about the nature of the project and the Editorial Team.

We are hard at working doing some background research and honing our radio production skills. Expect an initial introductory episode within the next week or so with regularly episodes following every week.