Introducing Beyond Literacy Radio

PrintWelcome to Beyond Literacy Radio, a thought experiment about the possibility of a post-literate future; a future where reading and writing have been replaced or displaced by a more profound and advantageous tool, capacity or capability.

Beyond Literacy Radio (BLR) continues and extends the dialogue created by Beyond Literacy (the “book-like-thing”) published online in 2012.

The podcasts for BLR will focus on literacy, reading, the nature of post-literacy, candidates for post-literacy, interviews with others debating this idea, and a consideration of how we will transition from a literate to a post-literate society.

The Editorial Team for BLR wants to nurture a distributed conversation. You are encouraged to comment on this site, on the podcasts on Soundcloud and iTunes (when they become available), on Twitter @BeyondLiteracy or on any other platform. Let us know what you think.

…Mike Ridley