Episode Zero – Introducing Beyond Literacy

Welcome to “Episode Zero” of Beyond Literacy Radio (BLR). With this podcast we introduce the idea of post-literacy and explain what BLR is all about. Over the coming weeks and months additional episodes will explore aspects of post-literacy (both the advantages and the concerns).

And perhaps most importantly, we encourage you to participate. Comment on this blog, comment on our Soundcloud site, or perhaps tweet us (@BeyondLiteracy) or use the hashtag #BeyondLiteracy. Tell us what you are thinking.

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2 thoughts on “Episode Zero – Introducing Beyond Literacy

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about post-literacy. Personally, it feels timely as I just finished reading, Douglas Coupland’s very readable biography of Marshall McLuhan (You Know Nothing of My Work!)

    Also, recently I heard an opinion from someone I just met that I found very interesting. She suggested that some aboriginal peoples (and clearly, not all!) have embraced the film and video-making as an extension of their oral culture, bypassing traditional reading and writing forms of literacy. I’m not sure how sound this idea is (heh) but I thought it might be worth exploring.

    In any case, I’ll be listening.

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