Episode Three – Reading Digitally

With Episode Three we move beyond reading …. sort of. Is reading on a digital device different? Does reading digitally tell us something about becoming post-literate?

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3 thoughts on “Episode Three – Reading Digitally

  1. Is anyone else having difficulty listening to these? The player keeps pausing literally after playing only a second of podcast 🙁

    1. I experienced something like this while listening on the UofT campus network; it was fine elsewhere. Odd. I’ve put links in directly to the Soundcloud files for each episode. Hopefully these will work for people having trouble.

  2. Accepting that there will be an evolution from literacy to post literacy, I can’t help thinking that digital reading will be more of an evolutionary dead end than an intermediate step. It seems to simply be another format of traditional literacy, akin to the difference between vinyl and MP3s than a major step forward.

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